Saunders Wins North Scoring Title

Adam Saunders had an excellent 2013 lacrosse season, being named a RMLL Junior B Tier 1 North Division All-Star, winning the North Division scoring title, taking the top spot for all-time RMLL leading scorer and was named the SLA (Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association) Athlete of the Year.

Adam Saunders played a great season with some impressive stats. Suanders played all 20 regular season games getting 45 goals, 50 assists, and only receiving 6 penalty minutes.

Adam began playing lacrosse at a very young age and demonstrated a strong ability for the sport. Over the years Saunders has won countless player of the game awards and has won several Provincial and City championships. Then Adam went on to play SWAT and his accomplishments didn’t stop and he did it all while going to university full-time and holding down a part-time job.

Although, Adam has been a very accomplished athlete, he said this is his first scoring title and it feels great to finally win one. “It was very exciting to win my first scoring title. I’m very proud to represent the SWAT and the province of Saskatchewan. I can only hope that more SWAT players in the future can follow in my footsteps, and be just as successful or more successful, as myself.”

Saunders also said he could not have been successful without the help of his team-mates. “How long I have played with my team-mates has really helped. We always know where each other are on the floor. For example, I have played lacrosse every year with Bryton (Thorarinsson) and this has allowed us to easily work together. It’s like we don’t even have to look to make a pass. Also, the other guys on the floor really understand the game and set great picks.”

When asked if there were any other factors that contributed to his success, Saunders said, “My Dad was a huge factor to my success. He helped coach me throughout the years and taught me a ton.”

Lastly, Adam commented that he intends to continue to play lacrosse and help the sport. “Now that I am leaving the SWAT, I intend on playing senior lacrosse and helping out in anyway I can. I really want to see the sport grow and prosper, and help out anyway I can.”